Conventional Products Buon per te
1000 ml

Water, whole Italian rice (14%), sunflower seed oil, calcium carbonate 0,3%), sea salt.

Shake well before use. Can be kept at room temperature. After opening keep refrigerated between 0°C to +4°C and use within 3-4 days.

Bio Slym ensures the use of controlled, selected and not genetically modified Italian rice grains.

Buon per te Riso is a vegetable drink for a light diet, it is easy to digest, it is low in fat and free from lactose, milk proteins, cholesterol and added sugars*. It is an excellent alternative to milk and can be enjoyed throughout the day: hot in the morning for breakfast with your coffee, tea, cereal and biscuits or cold, as a pleasant refreshing drink. It is also an excellent ingredient in the kitchen when preparing shakes, sauces, puddings and special desserts.

Italian Rice

Gluten free

No added sugars