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1000 ml

Water, Italian dehulled soya beans (6,7%), agave juice (2,5%), calcium carbonate (0,3%), sea salt, flavours.

Shake well before use. Can be kept at room temperature. After opening keep refrigerated between 0°C to +4°C and use within 3-4 days.

Bio Slym ensures the use of controlled, selected and not genetically modified Italian soya beans.

Our product, for which only highly selected italian soya beans have been utilized, is a vegetable food, without any preserving agents, with all nutritional and health properties of soya. It is free from lactose and cowmilk proteins. This vegetable food is cholesterol-free. It can be served warm or cold, at breakfast or at any moment of the day; it can also be employed in the preparation of puddings, creams, ice-creams, fruit milk-shakes,purees …

Italian Soya

Gluten free

Source of vegetable proteins